This page is being rebuilt. Some of the items listed here are available in print editions only. Digital editions will be added by 01 April, 2018.

In the house of the Lord Ps 26(27) and 22(23) by Nick Baty
Communion Song for cantor, assembly and guitar/keyboard and optional choir. (Available from 01 February, 2018)

I will see God by Nick Baty
The refrain is from Job 19 and John 11:
In my flesh I will see God my Saviour, for I will rise again upon the last day. The verses are from Psalm 129 (130) and Psalm 26 (27). For cantor, assembly and keyboard. (Available from 01 February, 2018)

Shepherd me, Lord Ps 22 (23) by Nick Baty
A simple setting for cantor, assembly and keyboard with optional flute.
(Available from 01 February, 2018)

You who are weary (Matthew 11, Ps 41) by Nick BatyA Communion Song for Sacred Heart, All Saints and All Souls, as well as for general use. The refrain is taken from Matthew 11 and the verses are drawn from Psalm 41/42. The words speak of mercy and rest so You who are weary may also be suitable for funerals. Scored for cantor, assembly and keyboard/guitar with optional flute.. £1.50. For instant digital download, click here.