This page is being rebuilt. Some of the items listed here are available in print editions only. Digital editions will be added by 01 March, 2019.

Attende Domine (Listen, Lord) Ps 85 (86) by Nick Baty
Written as a gathering song for the Sundays of Lent, this is a simple setting of Psalm 85 – Listen, Lord and answer me, Save the servant who trusts in you – for Cantor, assembly and keyboard with optional flute. £1.25

For a Gospel Greeting for Lent see Glory and Praise on the Free Downloads page.

Answer me, O God Ps 24 (25) and Ps 129 (130) by Nick Baty
This is a flexible setting with verses for Psalm 24 (Advent Common Psalm) and Psalm 129 (Lent Common Psalm, Out of the depths). Answer me, O God is simple setting with a memorable refrain for cantor, assembly and keyboard/guitar. £1.25

On bread alone (Matthew 4 and John 6, 14) by Nick Baty
A Communion Song for Lent and general use, particularly when the Gospel speaks of the Word of God. The is text drawn from Matthew 4 and John 6 and 14. On bread alone was originally written for three-part (SAB) choir with assembly refrain. A keyboard/guitar accompaniment has been added so the piece can be led by a cantor. However, the choir parts work with the keyboard allowing the song to be used in a variety of ways. £1.50. For instant digital download, click here.

With the Lord there is mercy (Ps 129) by Nick Baty
A Communion Song for Lent with text adapted from the De Profundis. For cantor, assembly and piano/guitar.
Digital edition coming soon!