This page is being rebuilt. Some of the items listed here are available in print editions only. Digital editions will be added by 01 March, 2019.

Hosanna to the King by Nick Baty
A song for gathering, or for the procession, on Palm (Passion) Sunday. The assembly repeats a simple refrain after the cantor and after each of the verses – or the piece can be used as an ostinato with the the cantor’s verses superimposed over the refrain. Scatter a few tambourines and maracas around the assembly and encourage them to improvise. £1.25 For instant digital download, click here.

Blessing Cup Ps 115 (116) by Nick Baty
Written as a responsorial psalm for Maundy Thursday, this could be used as a communion processional. The assembly sings an ostinato refrain (How can I repay the Lord for all the goodness he shows me?) while the cantor superimposes verses from Psalm 115. Scored for cantor, assembly, keyboard (optional guitar) and with optional parts for one or two C instruments. (See also, How can I thank him, below.) £1.25 For instant digital download, click here.

How Can I Thank Him? Ps 115 (116) by Nick Baty
Maundy Thursday psalm which might also be used for the communion procession. (See also, Blessing Cup, above) A simple setting for cantor, assembly and keyboard. £1.25

Two Chants for Good Friday by Nick Baty
The first is a setting of the new ICEL translation for the showing of the Cross, “Behold the wood of the Cross” with a simple assembly refrain of “Come, come let us adore” which may be repeated after the cantor. The second chant accompanies the assembly’s procession to, and veneration of, the Cross. Scored for celebrant, cantor, optional choir and keyboard. £1.25 For instant digital download, click here.

O Give Thanks to the Lord Ps 32 (33) and Ps 117 (118) by Nick Baty
Another flexible setting: The assembly has one refrain but the cantor can choose from three sets of verses, making this suitable for a number of occasions. Could be used with Ps 32 at the Vigil and with Ps 117 on Easter morning. Scored for cantor, assembly and keyboard/guitar with optional descant (or SAB) and instrumental parts in C and Bb.
£1.25 For instant digital download, click here.

I will sing to the Lord (Exodus 15) by Nick Baty
This canticle follows the third reading at the Easter Vigil. Scored for cantor and assembly with optional choir harmony and Bb trumpet. For instant digital download, click here.

This is the day by Nick Baty
An upbeat song for Easter with verses from Psalm 117. Originally written as a gathering song for Easter Sunday, this could also be used at the end of the Vigil. Scored for cantor/choir, assembly, piano and optional Bb trumpet and trombone. Includes a descant with Latin text (Haec dies) for the choir. For instant digital download, click here.